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More Weekend Brewing

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

My roommate Nick and I put together a nice Irish Red Ale a few weeks ago, and it is happily bubbling away in the primary fermenter. I am hoping to get time today to rack it off to the secondary sometime later on today, but that will depend on how much time I need to get some more programming projects done.

On a similar note, the batch of mead we did back in October has been bottled and is aging nicely. We did a spied apple cider mead, which I guess would be called a Metheglin Cyser. It isn’t very pretty to look at, as we made the cider ourselves simply by boiling the crap out of a bunch of apples and spices, and I don’t have much of a filtering method to get all the apple sauce that is left over out. We have saved some small bottles on the side for tasting as it ages and so far it is working out pretty well.

The batch of Huckleberry Hefeweizen I did a while back is kegged and would be mostly if not entirely gone had I not run out of CO2 leaving me with no way to get the stuff out of the keg. I’ll get some more soon. Wouldn’t want to see good beer going bad.

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