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Multitouch Table Fun

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

As a little extra side project (or add-on hardware interface?) to the HMEngine I have decided to put together a table top multitouch piece of hardware. Currently I am working with cheap or free materials and building a prototype at home.

At the moment, I have modified a freebie webcam to work as an IR-only camera using exposed film as my IR pass filter and removing the simple glass IR filter the camera originally had. Also, I am using a $6 piece of glass and a peep hole door viewer from Lowe’s to give the crappy camera a better view angle. The table I am building is circular, and the door viewer causes a large amount of distortion in the images being returned, so I will need to use the HMEngine to do a little preprocessing on the images before sending them on to the touch library TouchLib that will handle the multitouch input detection parts.

Hopefully the project will continue to go as well as it has so far (having only spent about $16 so far) and I will be able to post pictures or maybe even a video soon of the working prototype table. I’ll keep updates coming as they happen.

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