Emulated nook in the Android SDK

So I just got my new nook and started to do some research on writing some apps for the thing and came across this blog post and this wiki post that help get the thing set up and running in the Android SDK emulator. The whole process was a bit complicated, but once I got the thing working on the Ubuntu side of things it was a simple trick of replacing the same file on windows and it ran perfectly there as well.

The only shortfall for me (who does most of my graphics development in DirectX technologies) is that because Android is Linux based, it only handles OpenGL, although the SDK does have some pretty easy quick hooks into the API so I may have to branch out a bit. We’ll see where it goes.

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  1. drewbaumann says:

    Is there anyway you could upload the file? I tried doing this myself but failed somewhere along the way and have been wanting to take a stab at developing for the nook. If you could assist me it will probably also help me decide if i want to keep my order or cancel based on Apples announcement next week!

    Thank you

    Drew Baumann

  2. mikeschuld says:

    The file is about 108 MB after the whole process is completed, and also uploading a file for sharing that contains a B&N system image is probably skirting the lines of what may be legal in situations like this. The best thing to do would probably be to come to the #nookdevs channel on freenode and I or someone else there can walk you through the steps wherever you get stuck.

    The whole process must be completed on linux (or at least is a lot easier to do in a linux environment) and I am usually stuck on the windows side of things at work but I am around there in the evenings as well and could be more help then.

  3. nia11 says:

    The emulation instructions you link to are very detailed yet many people, including myself, end up with a “ANDROID_” loading message on the screen. Did you get this, and if so, can you remember how to overcome it?

  4. mikeschuld says:

    I usually just have to try and load the thing a few times. It seems a bit finicky about memory use and other java specific settings. You might try watching the LogCat in eclipse to see what it is getting stuck on?

  5. markonhawthorne says:

    It takes a long time for the NOOKcolor emulator (or any emulator) to boot Android.
    I usually go get a cup of coffee, then leave it running while I’m working.

    Sometimes it gets stuck there, but not often, and restarting the emulator usually works.


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