Homebrew Helper

So I have been experimenting with WPF lately a bit and throwing around a lot of XAML and decided to put together something worth a damn out of my new knowledge and skills and have settled on a small data driven application for homebrew recipes. I have seen in the past a BeerXML format that a few people have worked on (very outdated now but a good idea at least) that I will probably also add to or rewrite to be more up to date with current XML standards and methods. It should be a good learning experience in putting together xml schemas as well as that is another area of Computer Science I have not yet delved into.

I’m using the Entity Framework for my DAL right now and it seems to be working out fairly well (at least in the Visual Studio 2010 Beta, which I hear has better EF versions going on). I’ll keep some progress reports coming. At the moment I just have a simple UI with login/register, add/edit recipes, and the ability to view all recipes or just your own. More to come.

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