More nook Updates

Well, the group that I am sort of an official part of now has gotten a new launcher that clones the functionality of the built in nook launcher but with the additions of being able to reorder the applications and to add more applications of which currently consist of:

  • nookBrowser – a simple browser application
  • nookLibrary – a replacement for the “my library” application that has more sorting and search options
  • trook – a free ebook downloader, feed reader, and application installer (these will be made into individual apps soon)

All in all things are moving along pretty fast. I have not done much of the major coding yet but have taken over a large part of the standardization and integration of the separate projects. I’m hoping to get more directly involved in coding some things now that i have everything in a more easily accessible setup for people new to nook development (which is pretty much everyone right now)

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