Progress on the touch UI

Well, having had my FTIR table for a few weeks now I have had a bit of time to get some code together (using some features of the newly refactored HMEngine of course) and get the touch inputs streaming into my XNA apps.

At the moment, I am working on an HMMultitouchDevice that can be added to the engine like all the other devices (mouse, keyboard, and gamepads) that just works out of the box with the engine. This whole project has been given the name “PufferFish”, which was a totally random title thrown out into the #xna channel immediately upon my asking for a good name from the folks in there and it just kind of stuck.

The device is currently taking touch inputs and just rendering spots on the screen where the touch would correspond to. Event wiring will be happening next, but I am playing around with some rendering of the spots (circles around fingers etc.) first just for a bit of fun. As soon as I can get some videos of the project in action I’ll get them up here. That’s all for now.

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