Updating Tutorials to XNA 3.0

The process of the conversion from XNA 2.0 to XNA 3.0 has offically begun. I have the CTP of XNA Game Studio 3.0 installed on my copy of Visual Studio 2008 Professional and have started going through the tutorials and converting them over to the new version.

Much of the conversion process the last few version upgrades has been pretty simple, with just a few call changes here and there to some of the XNA interfaces, but this time around, I will also be changing quite a bit of the actual engine code as well to better accomodate changes that I have come to make in my private version of the engine.

Some of the suggestions from the forums have been taken into account in the new version of the tutorials as well, so expect to see a lot of improvements (even if they are small ones) in many places in the code. Since XNA 3.0 isn’t officially out yet, I won’t be updating the PDF files on the site here until the full public release, but I will be checking all of the updated tutorials into the svn in the branches/XNA 3.0 folder. They will be moved into the regular tutorial tags spots upon the public release of the new version of XNA.

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