Tessellated Terrain

As an exercise in learning Hull and Domain shaders with DirectX 11, I decided to whip up a quick (or what I thought would be quick) height mapped terrain demo that only sent a single quad to the video card and handled everything else in the shader. Aside from some minor problems remembering to use SampleLevel instead of Sample in the Domain Shader everything came together fairly well.

At the moment I have a 512 x 512 height map texture (a simple black and white Filter > Render > Clouds in Photoshop) and a single quad that gets tessellated up to level 64 with the heights added in the Domain Shader. I am currently tessellating at the triangle level and would like to switch to quad as well just to see how it looks both ways. I’ll stick a video of the whole on here once I get the quad tessellation going and throw in a FillMode = Wireframe option to make it easier to see what is going on.

edit: Here’s the video

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