XNA 4.0 Game Development By Example

Just grabbed a copy of a new XNA 4.0 book by Kurt Jaegers over at xnaresources.com that was recently released through Packt Publishing and am going to take a stab at going through it over the next week or so and see what I think. Other than updating the tutorials here to the 4.0 framework I haven’t taken a real hard look at anything new and shiny in the latest version so this should be a good primer for me going forward with any future tutorials.

This will also be my first electronic book on anything graphics programming related so I’ll have to see how things go from that perspective. I have been reading everything novel wise 0n my nook for about a year now and loving it for that so hopefully the good experience extends into this type of reading as well.

Check back soon for a full review of the book and the ebook process!

Book Link: http://link.packtpub.com/ZWicAE

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