XNA 4.0 GDBE – Chapter 1 Review

So far the book is turning out to be a pretty good read. I was excited to see how quickly the author jumped into coding and getting to work on putting together a simple game. I am a big believer in learning by doing so this super quick introduction is exactly what I think the beginner type of books like this need to have.

The method of presenting the code seems to be pretty similar to the way I write my tutorials, with a small code block followed by a short description of what just happened in the code. I am nowhere near as consistent in the pattern but the basic style is similar enough to make me feel really comfortable reading through it.

My only let down so far is that the book states very early on that it is specifically geared towards development of 2D games in XNA, which really isn’t anything against the actual book as most beginners to game development need to start in 2D to get a grasp on the basic concepts; my gripe is really just a personal dislike of 2D graphics development and the SpriteBatch class,  but I’ll put that aside for the remainder of the book.

Altogether it actually took less time to get the chapter 1 project from start to finish than it did to just install the XNA Framework. Pretty impressive for a fully functional game even if it is a simple computerized whack a mole. The challenges proposed at the end of the chapter are at a perfect level of complexity for anyone just coming into game development.

Chapter 2 review soon to come.

Book Link: http://link.packtpub.com/ZWicAE

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