Introduction to the XNA Framework

Tutorial 1

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  1. WonderingAimlessly says:

    A few suggestions (for newbies like myself) if you don’t mind:

    – Can you provide requirements, specifically what version of VS and XNA you are using to develop these tutorials?
    – I was only able to add the engine reference after I performed a build of the dll, which makes sense to me, but your article makes it seem that by simply adding the engine project as a reference will allow it to work…I do not have any projects listed even though VS is configured to find projects in a sub-folder in My Documents.

    Thanks and I look forward to going through the rest of the tuturials you wrote up!

  2. mikeschuld says:

    You should be able to add the Project just fine without building it first. I am using both projects in the same solution which is how the tutorial is set up. There is a tab in add references called Projects that it should be listed under regardless of having built it or not.

    I’ll definitely put something in the introduction of the first tutorial about the versions of visual studio and XNA they use.

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