Rendering Real Models

Tutorial 6

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  1. j.lamoureux says:

    Hi Mike,
    First of thanks so much for making these tutorials. I am creating an FPS in XNA for my senior design project and have been at a loss as how to proceed because my university doesn’t actually have any game development classes. My question is, I have Autodesk 3ds Max and it won’t export models to .x format but it will for .fbx. Will XNA accept .fbx models and will I need to modify any code for it work properly if I have followed your tutorials?


  2. mikeschuld says:

    .fbx Should work fine with the tutorials as XNA natively supports that format just like .x

  3. j.lamoureux says:

    Thanks Mike I actually figured how to use Panda .x exporter in 3ds Max to export into .x files. My next question is that my models keep rendering longways from the POV of the camera. It’s almost as if the world coordinate systems are different XNA from 3ds Max. Any ideas how to fix?

  4. mikeschuld says:

    That’s because the coordinate systems ARE different. The direction of the z axis is probably backwards (pointing in instead of out). XNA uses a right handed coordinate system where the positive z-axis points out of the screen towards you, where the modeling programs frequently use a left handed system. There should be a simple option to swap the axis in the exporter somewhere.

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