Setting up an Object Framework

Tutorial 2

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  1. jnbutler says:

    Hey Mike, can you add to the tutorial how you are organizing all of your source in the engine and demo projects? In this tutorial when you are describing the object framework you don’t state what source files the code should be in, existing one or a new cs file.
    I downloaded the svn source so I can see that you put some in their own cs files even in their own directories.
    BTW, was the svn source created with VS2008? I can’t open it with VS2005

  2. mikeschuld says:

    Yes, all projects have been updated to VS2008

  3. CaptainFroth says:

    I am also confused as to where these code snippets are supposed to be going. Do I create a new .cs file or add the code to the HMDemo.cs or the HMEngine.cs? It would help if above the code snippet it were to show the .cs file it is supposed to be for.

  4. mikeschuld says:

    Every code snippet in this tutorial has either a namespace or a comment at the top saying where the code should be put.

    The standard way of organizing files and namespaces for something like HMEngine.HMObjects { HMObjectManager } would be to put the file HMObjectManager.cs in the folder HMEngine/HMObjects.

    I’ll see if I can come up with a more standard way of indicating the files in the next round of updates.

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